It has been affirmed that for long lasting healing to take place, it is essential to heal not only the existing disease with proper medication and other methods of treatment, but also the root of the disease in which initiates from the mind (Buddha). While we at Mental Notes are not licensed therapists, we do have skills, training, experience, and the passion to connect Veterans and their caregivers to resources and provide them a reassuring confirmation that they can get through this.

If you are in distress please contact the Suicide Hotline at
or your licensed therapist if you have one.

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There are a lot of tools that one can have in their mental health toolbox to assist them in maintaining wellness. Each month we will spotlight a mindful activity or resource to learn about and challenge you to participate and use it as another tool to help during times of triggers or reflection. Each spotlight will feature either a Veteran or a Veteran family member to keep with our desire of relating this back to the military family.


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