who we are

Our mission is to connect those struggling with the triggers of depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress (PTS (D)) and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) along with their families and/or caregivers with unconventional resources that can be used coincidingly with talk therapy to assist in conquering the struggles that can accompany mental health. It has been proven that trauma-informed therapies, such as yoga, art, plant, etc., has had the ability to assist in an individual’s ability to self-heal, self-soothe, and self-regulate, which have reduced chronic anxiety and trauma-related issues. We want to help individuals and their families, when in a time of crisis, be able to understand what can be attained by the resources but be comfortable in trying them when they are unable to be seen by their professional care provider or simply have items to engage in to maintain their well-being. Additionally, we offer group and individual coaching for families and caregivers who need information and support in their roles in caring for those who struggle with mental health ailments. The biggest take away, YOU are not alone in this!

Michele Keyes, Founder and CEO

Mother | Veteran | Survivor | Advocate

Each of these words define a part of me and make me proud of the struggles I’ve had to incur along the way. My passion for being an advocate for mental health and the unconventional ways of accomplishing wellness comes from learning unique tools as a conquered my own personal struggles, as well endured the struggles as a parent to a suicidal child. 

My journey in self-care didn’t begin with me, but instead started with wanting to fix my child. I was their mother, I wanted to stop their pain, kiss the boo-boos, but I was failing. Their emotional turmoil forced me to reexamine myself, led me to questioning “what was wrong with me” but the journey led me to learning about my own traumas and how there wasn’t anything “wrong with me”; but the circumstances I had endured had altered my way of thinking and seeing the world and myself. 

As I became more comfortable in my story, I became more comfortable telling my story. My journey led me to wanting to provide the support to others who were struggling. My work is dedicated to ensuring no one feels alone in their suffering, that their voice is heard, and every and any emotion they feel is okay. Having the right tools in one’s toolbox of mental health can make a world of difference in having an okay day vice a horrible one.