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Founded in 1994, the Johns Hopkins Mental Notes is JHU's *only* comedy a cappella group. Performing with a fun blend of skits/audio-visuals and songs, the Mental Notes have a goal of just enjoying and having fun!
AUDITIONS: September 7-10, sign up form here


  • Ryan Freedman President

  • Dan Smilie Music Director

  • Renee Scavone Performance Director

  • Alex Eusman On-Campus Business Manager

  • Genevieve Thomas Off-Campus Business Manager

  • Fionn Connolly Secretary

Class of 2018

  • Dan Smilie Tenor/Bass

  • Alex Eusman Baritone/Tenor

  • Renee Scavone Soprano

  • Ryan Freedman Baritone

Class of 2019

  • Jenna Bellantoni Soprano/Alto

  • Rachel Underweiser Soprano

  • Matt Mullner Tenor

Class of 2020

  • Claire Beaver Soprano

  • Fionn Connolly Baritone

  • Genevieve Thomas Alto

  • Bryan Birthwright Bass

  • Sofia Verheyen Alto

  • Akhil Gupta Tenor/Baritone

Class of 2021

  • Noah Johnson Alto

  • Amouki Kaayou Tenor/Baritone

  • Celeste O'Connor Alto

  • Shauna Rosenau Alto

  • Tess Snyder Soprano